Online UPS, Electrical Adequacy and Protection

ups01Electricity variations can destroy your equipment in many different ways. These variations can be noise, spikes, voltage changes and blackouts.

Our company is the distributor of JOVYATLAS ( ), with a made in Germany ONLINE UPS and Frequency converters, we can provide these devices according your needs and design.

Online UPS provides emergency power to a load when the input power source fails. This device supply the electricity for the load with electricity from a battery bank, converted with an inverter the 100% of the time. This electricity is clean and without interruptions.

Jovyatlas systems offer the widest input range for ONLINE UPS (+/- 25%), double conversion and IGBT technology.

Requirement of galvanic isolation transformer, for surgery rooms and ICU, can be added to the ONLINE UPS, protecting your delicate life support systems.

Transfer time Online zero switch.

Power capacity from 700 va to more than 800 kva.

Power capacity and Backup time depends of your needs. We can design a solution for you. Please write your request to